Real Male Spanking and Punishment

The Ruler Nick gets the belt in the woods. Soaping Rob Holiday Naughty or Nice Clips
Andy Over the Knee The Shoplifter Lance Luc
Andy Over the Knee
The Shoplifter
The Bench Lance

Luc gets the Paddle

Sick Again

Nick gets spanked with a yardstick

The Yardstick

Nick is punished with a yardstick then forced to do squats.

Houseboy Nick

Houseboy Discipline

The houseboy is disciplined for failure to ask his Master if he wants a blowjob.
Very intense hand and bamboo paddle session to REAL tears.

(This is the first in a series of slightly more explicit Houseboy clips.)

Nick gets soaped.  

Laundry Day - Alex

Ryan gets punished...

Soaping Nick


Nick get spanked OTK

Nick is given an old fashioned over the knee (OTK) spanking with a paddle from the famous "Rebs Paddles".
The briefs are vintage double backed white whitie tighties.

Nick gets the paddle. Nick gets the strop. Caught Peeking Wes gets the paddle

The Houseboy gets the Paddle
HARD - Lots of REAL tears.
Forced to lick the paddle between swats to increase the sting of each hit.

The Houseboy gets the Strop
HARD - Lots of REAL tears.

Caught Peeking
Wes Gets the Paddle
(Made with our friends from the Santa Barbara Paddle Company)

Caught Smoking
Caught smoking and spanked

Caught Smoking

Nick Tries Bondage for the First Time

Nick gets spanked hard with a fly swatter. Nicks gets spanked with a paddle. Nick gets spanked Nick gets spanked over the knee (OTK)

Nick gets spanked
hard with a flyswatter.

Nick gets a traditional
session with the paddle.

Motorcross boy gets spanked.

Nick goes OTK in Briefs.

Nick gets the paddle.

Nick is given an intense spanking with a Jokari Paddle.
The briefs are vintage double backed white whitie tighties.

Lance gets spanked OTK with a hairbrush.  Shane gets spanked. Whipping Alex Nick OTK Spanking



Whipping Alex - INTENSE Belting
See Preview Below
Nick - Hard OTK

Nick gets spanked

Nicks gets the strop, hard. REAL TEARS.

Nic gets the Strop

Nick meets the strop for the first time. (3 camera setup.)

Rico's Lesson The garage Spanking Trespassing

Rico's Lesson

The Garage



Spanking Nick Gers the Paddle Andt goes OTK Liar

The Switch - Part One

Massage Paddle

Andy, OTK


testing Justin OTK Sopaing Justin Spanking
Jock Spank

Justin OTK
Soaping Justin
The Audition

Rob gets paddled Soaping Luc Spanking Garage Spanking

Rob Ryder

Soaping Luc
College Boy - Part Two

Spanking Ross Rob gets spanked John gets spanked and fingered

College Boy - Part One


Paddle Lance gets spanked Laundry Day - Andy Spanking Nick

The Punishment

Lance - Part Two

Laundry Day - Andy
Did Not Clean the Garage

Rob Ryder gets spanked. Nick gets a spanking Peter gets the paddle Alex OTK

Rob Ryder Spanked OTK

Nick's Audition
Alex OTK

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